Michael E's Bootcamp & Personal Training​

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Sessions are about 45 minutes to an Hour depending upon getting through the workout for that particular session. I approach workouts this way so that over training does not occur and so we can effectively complete the tasks at hand. Let me know what type of training you are looking for so we can set up the right amount of workload that will benefit you. Example: Body Building, Weight Loss, Conditioning, Marathon Preperation, etc.

One on One Session

​Semi Private (2 People)

Group Private/Bootcamp (4 people)

Bootcamp/ Group Open Times ( 10AM Saturdays - Contact to confirm)


During a training session we as a team will cover many different areas so we can effectively set a course of action. We will need to go over if you have any injuries, any weakness in certain areas of the body, what pace you can handle, setting up a plan of action for your workout, making a schedule or program going forward and much more to cover.